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About Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation

Biodiversity and wildlife conservation is an important aspect of maintaining the balance of ecosystems and the sustainability of life on earth. Through habitat protection, monitoring of hunting and illegal trade, and rehabilitation of endangered species populations, we aim to ensure the survival of various types of flora and fauna in nature. With the awareness of the importance of preserving biodiversity as a valuable heritage for future generations, we are committed to continuing to take sustainable and science-based conservation measures.


Indonesia, as one of the countries with extraordinary biodiversity and wildlife, faces serious threats to the preservation of its rich natural heritage. According to the IUCN 2021 report, Indonesia has 170 plant species and 189 animal species that are critically endangered, including 26 mammal species. The main threats that cause the decline of biodiversity and wildlife in Indonesia include land and water use change, overexploitation, species invasion and disease, pollution, and climate change. These threats not only endanger the survival of wildlife, but also disrupt the balance of ecosystems and human well-being.

The situation in Indonesia reflects the global crisis in biodiversity and wildlife. Globally, there are 37,400 species that face extinction, with the main threats such as climate change, hunting and illegal trade, land use change, pollution, and species invasion and disease. If not addressed immediately, the decline of biodiversity and wildlife can cause mass extinction and irreversible ecosystem damage.

What We Do?

We have taken several initiatives in biodiversity and wildlife conservation. One of them is the development of agroforestry on agricultural land that borders or is within forest areas. Through this approach, we try to integrate economic and environmental interests in holistic land management. In addition, we actively conduct research related to captive breeding of wildlife and other biodiversity species that are often harvested from nature, with the hope of reducing pressure on populations in natural habitats. We also conduct studies and monitoring of endangered wildlife species, while continuing to improve habitat conditions and reduce threats to them.

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