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Saving the Earth Together

Billion funds have been managed
Projects have been completed
Team members across Indonesia


Landscape Governance​

The challenge lies in the transparency and collaboration among stakeholders to realize sustainability at the landscape level.

Environmental Resilience

The remarkable resilience of our Earth's environment.​

Environmental Conservation​

Preserving the environment within the limits of its resilience capacity.​

Environmental Education & Disaster Preparedness​

Through Environmental Education and Disaster Preparedness, communities experience heightened awareness, reduced risks, and disaster adaptation.​

Be an agent of change

Begin the First Step to Realize a Better Earth with Relung Indonesia

Build collaboration

Our Landscape​

Relung strives to cultivate a harmonious, dynamic, and sustainable relationship between humans and nature through landscape governance based on consensus.

Semendo Highlands​

Forest Village Governance

Sungsang Sembilang

Strengthening the Functions of Buffer Zones

Bayung Lencir Peatlands​

Sustainable Ecosystem Utilization

Merapi Merbabu

Sustainable Land Use

Southern Coast of Java​

Sustainable Coastal Management

Meranti Forest​

Forest Restoration for Poverty Alleviation


Green Economy

"Fortunately, nature is amazingly resilient: places we have destroyed, given time and help, can once again support life, and endangered species can be given a second chance. And there is a growing number of people, especially young people, who are aware of these problems and are fighting for the survival of our only home, Planet Earth. We must all join that fight before it is too late."

-Dr. Jane Goodall-

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