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Environmental Conservation

The Indonesian Environmental Resilience Foundation (YRLI) is committed to preserving the natural environment as an invaluable source of life. We firmly uphold efforts in Ecological Restoration, where we strive to restore ecosystems affected by human activities or natural disasters. Through various actions, we aim to improve the functions, structures, and diversity of ecosystems. We also advocate for Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation, by protecting and preserving the diverse flora and fauna in Indonesia. Our preventive measures include habitat preservation, monitoring of illegal hunting and trading, and efforts to restore populations of endangered species. In our Community-Based Conservation Initiative, we collaborate with local communities, governments, and other partners to increase awareness and participation in conservation efforts. Through education, training, empowerment, and the development of sustainable ecotourism, we seek to create harmony with nature and enhance the well-being of communities. With collective support, we believe we can play a role in preserving Indonesia’s natural heritage and improving the quality of life for all. Let us unite for harmony with nature.

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Pengangkutan bibit di lokasi demplot yang cukup jauh dari pemukiman

Ecosystem Restoration

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Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation

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