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Ecosystem restoration is a vital aspect of environmental conservation, and at the Indonesian Environmental Resilience Foundation (YRLI), we prioritize this effort. We understand the importance of restoring ecosystems that have been affected by human activities or natural disasters. Through diligent efforts, we aim to rehabilitate these ecosystems with a regenerative approach, which considers the holistic aspects of the ecological system. We strive to enhance their functionality, structure, and biodiversity by applying various sustainable and eco-friendly restoration techniques. We also actively involve local communities, governments, and other stakeholders in this process, to ensure wide and lasting participation. Through this collaboration, we hope to revive degraded habitats and ensure the health and resilience of our ecosystems in the long term. Our commitment to ecosystem restoration, with a regenerative approach, affirms our dedication to protecting the natural environment for the current and future generations.


The environmental conservation challenges in Indonesia are very huge. According to data from various institutions, the deforestation rate that reaches 1.8 million hectares per year results in the loss of 21% of Indonesia’s total forest area. In addition, the damage to Indonesia’s peatland ecosystem is also a serious problem with a critical category of 637,000 hectares. Moreover, mangrove forests, which are very important for maintaining biodiversity and protecting the coastline from abrasion, have lost about 40% of their area in the last three decades. Even globally, only 3% of the terrestrial ecosystems are still intact, with most of them located in remote areas such as Antarctica, Greenland, and the Sahara Desert. The impact of ecosystem degradation not only threatens biodiversity, but also causes extinction risk for many species, with 32% of the evaluated species declared at risk of extinction due to ecosystem degradation and climate change. With these growing challenges, sustainable and collaborative conservation measures are very important to preserve nature for a better future.

What We Do?

In our efforts to conserve and restore the environment, we have taken various concrete steps. One of them is peatland rehabilitation, where we actively carry out re-wetting and revegetation activities by utilizing local knowledge. In addition, we also encourage economic revitalization through activities that are based on women. Besides that, we also participate in developing mangrove and coastal forest development in South Java Coast as an effort to mitigate tsunami disasters and to protect agricultural areas from salt wind. Not only that, we also initiate land cover rehabilitation in highland areas that act as the upstream of the Watershed (DAS), and conduct protection and improvement of riparian forests along the river that have vital functions as erosion protection and corridors for wildlife. These efforts are part of our commitment to protect and restore the environment for the sake of living together and a better future.

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