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Restoring Life in the Upper Sengkarang Watershed: Green Investment for the Environment and Economy

Ecosystem Restoration

Petungkriyono, Indonesia — The Indonesian Environmental Resilience Foundation, with support from the Environmental Fund Management Agency (BPDLH) through the Terra Fund program, has launched an ambitious initiative for the restoration of highland ecosystems through a project titled ‘Development of Agroforestry and Integrated Agriculture for Environmental Quality Improvement in the Upper Sengkarang Watershed, Central Java’. This Watershed Area serves as a buffer zone for densely populated cities along the northern coast of Java Island, estimated to be home to more than 2 million people. Currently, the area is characterized by various degradations due to deforestation, unsustainable agricultural practices, water, and soil pollution. Addressing these issues is crucial for restoring soil health and productivity, protecting ecosystems, and improving the welfare of local communities.

By involving the local community and all relevant stakeholders, we are committed to developing agroforestry and integrated agricultural practices in four villages totaling 60 hectares. The main goal is to improve the condition of the degraded Sengkarang Watershed due to unsustainable agricultural practices. Agroforestry practices integrate tree crops, seasonal crops, and livestock husbandry, forming a sustainable system that supports environmental conservation.

Agroforestry Nursery and UPPO

Another important step is collaborating with BUMDES (Village-Owned Enterprises) to develop agroforestry nurseries with a capacity of up to 100 thousand seedlings. This infrastructure is designed to support sustainable agroforestry practices. Additionally, we are also constructing three units of organic fertilizer processing plants (UPPO) aimed at ensuring the availability of fertilizer for agroforestry farmers in an easy, economical, and high-quality manner. The development of UPPO also provides a solution for cattle farmers in managing their solid waste, thus reducing the impact of water pollution.


Green Investments in Land Restoration

We have collaborated with 220 farmers organized into 4 Forest Farmer Groups (KTH) to carry out land restoration. By planting 70 thousand Arabica coffee trees and 12 thousand avocado trees, we are not only restoring life to degraded land but also improving the local economy. This green investment brings dual positive impacts: environmental protection and increased welfare.


Harmony between Human and Nature

We believe that this scheme will bring about harmony between humans and nature. The Sengkarang Watershed will be revitalized as a source of life for the surrounding community, and its ecosystem will recover sustainably. This investment is not just about trees and plants but also about a better future for all of us.

“Let’s together take care of nature, because only through cooperation can we create meaningful change.”

“Simply by looking at nature, you feel peace. Adventure as far as the eye can see, pedal as far as the roads stretch, roll as far as nature unfolds.”


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Ecosystem Restoration
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