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Agroforestry and Regenerative Agriculture Practices

The Indonesian Environmental Resilience Foundation focuses on achieving dynamic harmony between human needs and ecosystem sustainability. Through Agroforestry, the integration of crops and trees enhances biodiversity and diversity of products and environmental services. Proven effective in rehabilitating ecosystems degraded by various environmentally unfriendly human activities. Regenerative Agriculture Practices, especially Carbon Farming, strengthen the agricultural system’s capacity to capture and release solar energy, assessing productivity not only in financial terms but also contributing to increased carbon sequestration. Together, we are committed to sustainable development and global climate resilience.

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Mendorong Inovasi dan Keberlanjutan Melalui Studi Bandi di P4S Amrih Mulyo Muncar 5

Integrated Agroforestry Initiatives

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Carbon Farming Initiative

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