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About Carbon Farming Initiative

The Carbon Farming Initiative is a comprehensive approach to agriculture aimed at capturing carbon in agricultural land by implementing practices that enhance the absorption of CO2 from the air and its storage in plants and soil. This initiative acknowledges the role of solar energy in driving agricultural ecosystems and the significance of carbon as an energy carrier within the system. Its goal is to increase the capacity of agricultural systems to absorb, store, and release this energy, particularly through enhancing biological and structural diversity and preserving soil organic matter. The success of this initiative depends on whether carbon uptake through improved agricultural practices exceeds carbon emissions.


Global climate change poses increasing threats, with the Earth’s temperature rising by more than 1 degree Celsius. Its impacts include ice melting, rising sea levels, and intensified natural disasters. The main causes are carbon emissions from fossil fuels and unsustainable agricultural practices. Carbon farming initiatives are necessary to reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture and combat global warming.

What we do?

The Indonesian Environmental Resilience Foundation is committed to promoting and advocating for carbon farming initiatives in Indonesia. We collaborate with farmers, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to implement environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices that enhance carbon absorption in soil and plants. Through educational programs, training sessions, and advocacy efforts, we raise awareness about the importance of carbon farming in reducing carbon emissions and strengthening food security and environmental resilience. We also support research and development of innovative agricultural technologies focused on increasing the capacity for carbon absorption and sustainable agricultural productivity. In doing so, we strive to play an active role in maintaining environmental sustainability and addressing the challenges of global climate change.

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