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About Integrated Agroforestry Initiative

The Indonesian Environmental Resilience Foundation advocates for agroforestry initiatives as an innovative solution to align agriculture with environmental conservation. In this approach, agricultural crops are combined with woody plants, creating a diverse symbiotic relationship. Agroforestry is not only about agricultural yields but also enriching biodiversity, enhancing ecosystem resilience, and reducing the negative impacts of conventional farming. Integrating trees into agricultural land not only improves soil structure but also provides habitats for flora and fauna that support environmental sustainability.


Threats such as deforestation and climate change accelerate biodiversity loss, endanger water availability, and compromise soil fertility. Forest conversion into plantations, intensive monoculture farming practices, and insufficient investment in soil and water conservation contribute to irreversible damage. These threats underscore the urgency of agroforestry initiatives. Without appropriate measures, the consequences can harm ecosystems and create serious instability in both agricultural and environmental systems. Agroforestry initiatives are crucial as a response to maintaining environmental sustainability and preventing more severe consequences in the future.

What we do?

The Indonesian Environmental Resilience Foundation is committed to addressing land degradation issues through agroforestry initiatives. Our primary focus is on developing knowledge and practices that can be solutions to the environmental and economic challenges resulting from unsustainable practices. Additionally, we actively promote institutional innovation in agroforestry by developing cooperatives connected to local economic institutions such as Village-Own Enterprise. The main goal of these partnerships is to enhance connectivity with markets and create added value for local communities. We also strive to build sustainable supporting infrastructure, such as seedling units and organic fertilizer processing facilities through community-based business schemes. Collaboration with communities, governments, and other partners is an integral part of our efforts to support agroforestry implementation oriented towards improving community well-being and ecosystem restoration. Through these efforts, we aim to be pioneers in driving sustainability transformation in the agricultural sector and actively contribute to building better conditions for the local environment and economy.

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