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Community-Based Sustainable Peatland Management

Ecosystem Restoration

This initiative is developed in the village of Muara Medak, Bayung Lencir District, specifically in Hamlet 7. The Relung Indonesia Foundation, together with the Berkah Hijau Lestari Farmers Group, developed this initiative. Sustainable Peatland Management is carried out in two activities: Agroforestry Development and Ecosystem Protection from the risk of fires. Agroforestry development is done by establishing demonstration plots. Spatially, the position of the demonstration plots can be seen on the map below:

Demonstration plot location in the social forestry area of Gapoktan Berkah Hijau Lestari (blue dot)

There are two planting patterns developed at this site. The first planting pattern is a combination of Jelutung (Dyera costulata), betel nut (Areca catechu), and pineapple as the understory crop. This planting pattern can be illustrated in the following sketch.

Pattern A Agroforestry on the land of Gapoktan Berkah Hijau Lestari, Muara Medak Village

Furthermore, RELUNG INDONESIA also develops additional patterns to add variety to the planting patterns in peatland. This planting pattern is a combination of meranti species (Shorea belangeran) and Multi-purpose Tree Species (MPTS). Meanwhile, the understory plants will be a combination of forage and pumpkin. The second planting pattern developed by the RELUNG Indonesia Foundation and Berkah Hijau Lestari Farmers Group is as follows.

Agroforestry Pattern B on the land of Gapoktan Berkah Hijau Lestari, Muara Medak Village

The above planting pattern uses a spacing of 10m x 10m. The meranti trees serve as fences while various types of MPTS such as durian, soursop, and jackfruit are planted inside. With this planting pattern, it is still possible to have intercropping plants such as betel nuts or types of animal feed and pumpkins among the MPTS plants. The types of meranti planted in the future can also be varied. The meranti species can also be replaced with several typical species of peatland ecosystems.


Akhmad Arief Fahmi

“Nature exists, more than just sustaining human life. Nature is also the signposts on the way home to peace.”

-Gede Prama

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Ecosystem Restoration
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