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About Climate Movement

Climate Movement is an initiative aimed at uniting collective action in addressing the challenges of climate change. Through campaigns, education, and concrete actions, we strive to raise awareness of the urgency of climate change and inspire practical steps to reduce its impact. We invite individuals, communities, and organizations to join us in this journey, transforming attitudes and practices to be more sustainable. With a spirit of collaboration and shared commitment, we believe this movement will have a significant positive impact on environmental sustainability and community well-being at large. Let’s together move towards a greener and more sustainable future for future generations.


Climate change is still often understood partially and sectorally, where the general perception of its impact remains fragmented. Many see it as merely an environmental issue, without understanding its widespread impacts on various life sectors such as health, economy, and society. Furthermore, understanding of climate change is often limited to specific geographical areas, without considering its global impacts.

What We Do?

At Climate Movement, we have a clear goal: to change perspectives and actions towards climate change. Through this program, we rally collective action involving individuals, communities, and organizations to reduce the impact of climate change. We do this through a series of campaigns, educational programs, and tangible actions that educate and inspire the public about the urgency of climate change. With a collaborative spirit, we are confident that these collective efforts will create a significant positive impact on environmental sustainability and community well-being. In Climate Movement, we not only invite but also act for a greener and more sustainable future.

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