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About Bioconversion and Bioprocessing-Based Business (4B)

Bioconversion and Bioprocessing-Based Business (4B) is a business model that relies on biological technology to convert biomass into high-value products. The bioconversion process involves transforming biomass into various products, including biofuel and animal feed protein, using biological processes or microorganism agents. Meanwhile, bioprocessing entails advanced processing stages to enhance product quality. 4B aims to reduce dependence on fossil resources and mitigate the negative environmental impacts of conventional industries.


The development of 4B is driven by awareness of the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy, along with the increasing demand for eco-friendly products. Other factors include limited fossil resources and the need for more sustainable alternatives, along with advancements in biology and industrial process technology. Support from governments and international organizations in reducing greenhouse gas emissions also fuels the development of 4B.

What we do?

We promote 4B as an innovative solution to current environmental and economic challenges. At the community level, we focus on developing biogas and compost from livestock waste, as well as other potential products such as balur liquor from palm sap and spices. Additionally, we explore the integration of processing cattle waste into energy, fertilizer, and animal feed protein, as well as the development of biodiesel from nyamplung oil. All of these efforts aim to provide innovative solutions to the environmental and economic challenges faced by communities.

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