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About Sustainable Biodiversity-Based Business (S3B)

Sustainable Biodiversity-Based Business (S3B) is a scheme for developing community-based enterprises that combine the potential of local biodiversity with modern science and technology. Its aim is to utilize the biodiversity surrounding them while ensuring the preservation and sustainable use of ecosystems. This approach requires the integration of local knowledge with modern innovations to create greater added value. The key sector in sustainable biodiversity-based business is the processing industry, where raw materials are transformed into finished or semi-finished products. In this regard, efforts are focused on enhancing product quality and value through the implementation of sustainable and responsible practices. Consequently, these endeavors not only support local economic growth but also maintain ecological sustainability, while promoting broader and responsible utilization of available natural resources.


Sustainable Biodiversity-Based Business (S3B) emerges to address critical challenges. Firstly, declining biodiversity threatens ecosystems and livelihoods. S3B aims to utilize and conserve biodiversity sustainably, mitigating this risk. Secondly, traditional industries often neglect environmental and social impacts. S3B offers an alternative, integrating sustainable practices and social responsibility. Thirdly, indigenous communities with rich biodiversity lack economic opportunities. S3B empowers them through inclusive, knowledge-based enterprises. Lastly, global markets demand eco-friendly, ethical products. S3B responds by providing sustainable alternatives, fostering market competitiveness. In summary, S3B arises to combat biodiversity loss, promote sustainability, empower communities, and meet market demands.

What we do?

The implementation of S3B begins with the identification of local biodiversity and its existing utilization. Further analysis of available databases is conducted to explore opportunities for development on a broader scale. From this identification process, dozens of potential biodiversity-based business development opportunities have been identified, although not all can be realized at this time. Currently, at least three community-based biodiversity-based businesses have emerged. These include a bandrek product utilizing palm sap and various spices in Langkat Regency, North Sumatra; a balur oil product developed from the traditional recipe of the Karo tribe, incorporating dozens of raw materials sourced from the forest; and forest coffee processed by the Basemah community in South Sumatra.

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