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About Community Ecological Education (CEE)

Community Ecological Education (CEE) educates about environmental sustainability and promotes collaboration among communities. This program involves practical learning and intergenerational value transfer. We believe that sustainability is not just about preserving nature but also building a harmonious connection between humans and the environment. CEE creates space for sharing experiences and knowledge and encourages real actions in preserving the environment for future generations.


Society faces serious challenges related to the increasing rate of environmental degradation and lack of awareness of the urgency to take action to maintain Earth’s sustainability. Rapid urbanization, exploitation of natural resources, and unsustainable consumption patterns have led to rampant environmental degradation. Additionally, traditional values, knowledge, and practices that have proven effective in maintaining environmental sustainability and livelihoods are increasingly marginalized and deemed irrelevant. An orientation towards material accumulation replaces a perspective on sustainability, sacrificing many aspects of well-being.

What We Do?

In response to the challenges of environmental degradation and low awareness of sustainability, we at the Community Ecological Education (CEE) prioritize participatory community learning initiatives. We organize educational programs specifically designed to empower community members to understand ecological principles, sustainable practices, and responsibilities towards the environment. By combining local knowledge and scientific knowledge and exchanging stories among communities, this program provides participants with direct experiences to practice the knowledge they acquire and encourages real actions in maintaining environmental sustainability. With this approach, we aim to create sustainable influence in shaping caring communities and community networks that act to protect our environment.

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