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Developing Special Interest Tourism in Gunung Gempol Village: Strategic Steps for Biodiversity Conservation

Basic service access and quality improvement for communities,Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation,Community Ecological Education,Integrated Agroforestry Initiatives

Gunung Gempol Village Special Interest Tourism Training: “Development of Special Interest Tourism as an Effort to Protect and Utilize Biodiversity Potential in Community Forests”

Gunung Gempol, 12 June 2024 – In an effort to increase the protection and utilization of biodiversity potential in community forests, Gunung Gempol Village successfully held special interest tourism training. This event was an initiative of the Central Java Provincial Forestry Service Branch, Region IX, which was attended by a number of presenters from various institutions, including Relung Indonesia, represented by Sunaring Kurniandaru, S.Si.

The training, which lasted for three days, from 10 to 12 June 2024, aims to develop special interest tourism in Gunung Gempol Village, which has rich biodiversity, especially in tourism for bird enthusiasts with various types in Gunung Gempol Village. This activity is expected to provide new insights for village communities in managing and utilizing their natural tourism potential in a sustainable manner.

Sunaring Kurniandaru, an expert from Relung Indonesia, presented several important materials in this training. First, he discussed “Identification of Flora and Fauna in Participant Gardens”. In this session, participants are invited to identify various types of plants and animals in their gardens, understand the role of each species in the ecosystem, and the importance of maintaining biodiversity. After that, Sunaring delivered material on “Animal Friendly Agroforestry Park Patterns”. This pattern integrates agricultural crops with forest trees, which not only helps increase agricultural yields but also contributes to environmental conservation by creating habitats that support wildlife.

The next material is “Animal Friendly Coffee Plantations”. Sunaring explained how coffee plantations can be designed in such a way that they do not disturb wildlife habitats, and even support their existence. It is hoped that this animal-friendly plantation can become a model for coffee farmers on Mount Gempol. Then, Sunaring presented material “Animal-Friendly Coffee Plantations as Special Interest Tourism Areas”. He showed how coffee plantations managed with environmentally friendly principles can be developed into special interest tourist destinations. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature while learning about sustainable farming practices.

Apart from Relung Indonesia, this training also presented a number of other presenters who made significant contributions. Prof. Pramana Yuda from Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta delivered material regarding Avitourism as an effort to preserve and utilize natural resource potential in a sustainable manner as well as the use of observation routes as special interest tourist destinations and participants were also given the opportunity to directly practice making interpretation routes. Sugeng Handoko from the Nglanggeran Tourism Village shared his successful experience in managing the Nglanggerang tourist village: Harmonization of conservation and economics as well as the tourism product of Nglanggerang Village. Vera Ira Maya Rohi, a teacher from SMK Negeri 3 Magelang, discussed Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality. Meanwhile, Wiryawan, owner of Medjora Cafe in Kemuning Karanganyar, provided inspiration regarding Special Interest Tourism Marketing Strategies.

This activity was attended directly by the community, young women and farmers of Gunung Gempol Village. During the training, the participants interacted actively by writing down what they had learned during the three days of training, what they wanted to know more about, as well as what they hoped for and planned for future follow-up. This discussion produced various concrete ideas and plans from participants who were farmers, the community and young women from Gunung Gempol village. It is hoped that active participation from various stakeholders can strengthen biodiversity conservation efforts in this area. This training received a positive response from the community and is expected to have a long-term impact in preserving the environment and improving the village economy through the development of special interest tourism.



“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

Tags :
Basic service access and quality improvement for communities,Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation,Community Ecological Education,Integrated Agroforestry Initiatives
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