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About Participatory Sustainable Livelihood Assesment

Participatory Sustainable Livelihood Assessment (PSLA) is a crucial activity in the Sustainable Livelihoods Strengthening and Basic Services Program conducted by the Indonesian Environmental Resilience Foundation. Through PSLA training and implementation, communities are equipped with the knowledge and skills to assess various aspects of their livelihoods, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and context-specific solutions. Active participation ensures that community voices are heard, priorities are identified collectively, and solutions are tailored to meet community needs. This empowerment promotes ownership and sustainability, forming the basis for inclusive and effective development interventions that enhance well-being and resilience among impoverished and marginalized communities.


Indonesia is home to numerous impoverished and marginalized communities facing various challenges such as low income, food insecurity, environmental degradation, climate change, and limited access to basic services. These challenges pose serious threats to their well-being and resilience. Recent data indicates that approximately 2.47% of Indonesia’s population live below the international poverty line ($2.15 per day in PPP 2017), while 9.54% live below the national poverty line. Additionally, about 2.98% of the population experience multidimensional poverty, including deprivation in education, access to infrastructure, and income or consumption per capita below the poverty line of $1.90 per day in PPP 2011. These figures underscore the need for effective and inclusive development interventions to improve livelihoods and basic services for impoverished and marginalized communities in Indonesia.

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In the Sustainable Livelihoods Strengthening and Basic Services Program, we conduct Participatory Sustainable Livelihood Assessment (PSLA) to enable impoverished and marginalized communities to evaluate their livelihood conditions. Through training and SLA implementation, we ensure that communities are equipped with the skills and knowledge to identify challenges and solutions tailored to their local contexts. Major challenges such as low income and limited access to basic services require inclusive and effective interventions to enhance community well-being. Thus, PSLA serves as the foundation to promote ownership, empowerment, and sustainability, thereby helping to improve the well-being and resilience of impoverished and marginalized communities in Indonesia.

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