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The Potential and Challenges of Green Economic Development in Petungkriyono

Participatory Sustainable Livelihood Assesment

Petungkriyono, a district that captures attention in Pekalongan Regency and Central Java, offers natural beauty with its lush green forests, cool air, and clear rivers, making it a primary attraction for the community. Moreover, Petungkriyono’s dense forests harbor biodiversity treasures, including rare species like the Javan Gibbon and Sumatran Tiger. Petungkriyono is also renowned for producing excellent coffee, known as “KoPet” or Petung Coffee. The increasing number of young people and tourists visiting this district explore its beautiful nature, such as waterfalls, or engage in activities like water tubing provided by the local community.

However, along with its potential and beauty, Petungkriyono faces several challenges that need to be addressed to develop a green economy in the area. Exploratory studies conducted by Relung Indonesia and Swara Owa have identified several key issues to be addressed, including the development of ecotourism, sustainable forest management, inadequate sanitation systems, and intensive farming practices in highland areas.

Efforts to develop a green economy in Petungkriyono require specific steps. Firstly, in-depth discussions on the green economy and its application in the area are needed. Furthermore, a comprehensive analysis of crucial issues and their potential risks is necessary. Developing specific indicators to measure progress in the green economy is also vital in formulating appropriate programs. Designing green economy programs that align with local needs and actively involve community participation is also key to success. Concrete follow-up steps must be implemented to realize the vision of sustainable green economy development in Petungkriyono. Through collaboration and strong commitment from various parties, developing a green economy in Petungkriyono can provide sustainable benefits to the local community while preserving its natural heritage and biodiversity.


Yudistira Soeherman

“The value of a farmer is not determined by what he harvests, but by what he plants.”


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Participatory Sustainable Livelihood Assesment
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