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The Livelihood Dynamics of Communities in Buffer Villages of Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (Jelundung Village and Rantau Malam Village, Sintang Regency)

Participatory Sustainable Livelihood Assesment

Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (BBBRNP) serves as a sanctuary for biodiversity and is crucial in providing resources for surrounding communities. This is particularly evident in two buffer villages, Rantau Malam Village and Nanga Jelundung Village, which rely on BBBRNP for their livelihoods. However, these communities face several challenges, especially their dependency on unsustainable sectors such as gold mining and logging. To address this, sustainable alternative livelihoods are needed for the local population.

Observation Location in Rantau Malam
Observation Location in Nanga Jelundung

Based on this, the Alam Sehat Lestari Foundation (ASRI), in collaboration with Relung Indonesia, has mapped the potential of sustainable alternative livelihoods for Rantau Malam Village and Nanga Jelundung Village communities. Through this mapping, several key findings have been revealed. Dependency on the gold mining sector and limited accessibility are the two main challenges the communities face in these villages. Additionally, issues such as land legality and inadequate basic services contribute to community livelihoods’ vulnerability. This document also analyzes the Livelihood Vulnerability Index (LVI), which indicates that the communities in both villages are moderately vulnerable to changes in livelihood assets. However, this vulnerability is still quite high within the category of moderate.

types of rice and sticky rice that are commonly found in Rantau Malam and Nanga Jelundung

The results of this livelihood mapping have led to developing strategies for sustainable livelihood development to address these challenges. These strategies include strengthening food sovereignty, improving farming systems, restoring pig farming, enhancing legal access to land management, and increasing access to basic community services. These strategies will enable the communities in Rantau Malam and Nanga Jelundung to obtain more sustainable livelihoods, improve their quality of life, and reduce vulnerability to changes in livelihood assets. This will benefit the local population and contribute to preserving the environment in the buffer villages of BBBRNP.


Yudistira Soeherman

“Without a steady livelihood, there can be no steady heart.”

Ueda Akinari, Kisah Cahaya Bulan dan Hujan

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Participatory Sustainable Livelihood Assesment
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