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About Sustainable Community-Based Tourism (SCBT)

Sustainable Community-Based Tourism (SCBT) involves tourism activities developed and managed by local communities in a manner that respects and enhances the environment, preserves local culture and heritage, and provides economic and social benefits to communities sustainably. SCBT emphasizes the active participation of local communities in all stages of tourism development, including planning, implementation, and decision-making. Its goal is to ensure that tourism activities align with the needs, values, and aspirations of local communities. SCBT also aims to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of host communities while prioritizing environmental sustainability by minimizing negative impacts on natural ecosystems and biodiversity. By generating income and employment opportunities for local residents, SCBT also contributes to poverty alleviation and economic empowerment. The importance of SCBT lies in ensuring that the benefits of tourism are distributed equitably among community members while also promoting responsible tourism practices among tourists.


The challenges underlying the emergence of Sustainable Community-Based Tourism (SCBT) include several aspects. Firstly, globalization and the development of the tourism industry often result in negative impacts on the environment, culture, and social aspects of tourism destinations. Secondly, the imbalance in the distribution of economic benefits from tourism, where profits often do not evenly reach local communities. Thirdly, the loss of cultural identity and the deterioration of the environment due to unsustainable tourism development. Fourthly, the lack of involvement and participation of local communities in decision-making related to tourism development in their areas. Lastly, the challenge of maintaining environmental sustainability and social well-being while meeting the demands of the rapidly growing global tourism market. These challenges have driven the emergence of SCBT as a tourism approach focused on sustainability, local community empowerment, cultural preservation, and environmental protection.

What we do?

The Indonesian Environmental Resilience Foundation adopts Sustainable Community-Based Tourism (SCBT) as an approach to utilize environmental services through community-based tourism development. We have provided assistance for SCBT in two different locations: in the highland landscape of the Petungkriyono Forest Area, Central Java, and in the coastal landscape of the Sungsang Area, which is the estuary of the Musi River in South Sumatra. In the Petungkriyono Forest Area, we have organized community-based tourism management in five villages through an institution called the Pesona Petungkriyono Community. This institution serves as a cross-village platform for tourism actors in the Petungkriyono area, with the main goal of strengthening unity, developing innovative tourism services, and managing various risks and issues arising from tourism activities. In the Sungsang Area, we encourage tourism development as a driver for improving the living conditions of fishing communities located in the tidal area, directly adjacent to the Berbak- Sembilang National Park.

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