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Eco-edu Tour in Alas Petungkriyono: Exploring Natural and Cultural Potentials with Relung Indonesia

Sustainable Community-Based Tourism

PEKALONGAN, CENTRAL JAVA – An inspiring journey was recently experienced by 32 students and a lecturer from President University, Cikarang, Bekasi. In a live-in program held in Tlogopakis Village, Petungkriyono District, they had the rare opportunity to experience life in one of the remaining rainforests on the island of Java. Accompanied by Relung Indonesia, an NGO focused on the environment and forestry, these students were not only invited to observe but also to deeply understand the lives of local people living in harmony with nature.

Unforgettable Experience Amidst Natural Beauty

Tlogopakis, one of the nine villages in Petungkriyono District, has long been known for its extraordinary natural beauty. Located in a mountain valley, this village offers a unique eco-edu tour program, inviting tourists to experience life in a pristine forest-edge village. The President University students were welcomed with homestay rooms prepared by the villagers, giving them a firsthand experience of living among the local community.

For three days, they participated in various activities that introduced them to the daily lives of the villagers. They ventured into the forest to learn about different types of trees, Javanese primates, including the Javan Gibbon with Yayasan SwaraOwa, and harvested wild vegetables such as ferns and other natural food plants. This experience culminated in cooking and tasting the unique and organic Petung specialties.

Learning About Local Life and Wisdom

The students not only enjoyed the natural beauty but also learned about various aspects of life and local wisdom of the Tlogopakis community. They were taught about the importance of forests for the local people’s lives, including how the villagers use cow manure to make organic fertilizer. Additionally, they were introduced to the concept of agroforestry, a farming method that preserves the forest by planting various types of crops under the forest canopy. Coffee and avocado are the two priority crops in this area, given Petungkriyono’s geographical conditions, which are ideal for their growth.

A highlight of this visit was the trip to Sawangan Hamlet. This hamlet, inhabited by 56 families, is known for its stunning natural scenery, clean rivers, and being a center for durian and mangosteen. Although administratively still part of Tlogopakis Village, its location is quite remote, deep into the forest. The students enjoyed the natural beauty while learning about the people’s dependence on nature, from the daily life of villagers processing palm sugar to forest honey cultivation.

Enjoying Petungkriyono’s Natural Beauty

The eco-edu tour program offers not only lessons on life and local wisdom but also various stunning natural attractions. Students and other tourists can enjoy the beauty of Sigebyar Lake, play in the water at Welo Asri with river tubing activities, and admire the magnificent Bajing Waterfall. All these are provided in a tour package designed to offer a profound experience of life in a forest-edge village.

Easy Access and Facilities

Tourists who wish to follow in the footsteps of these students need not worry about access and facilities. The tourism managers in Tlogopakis have prepared transportation to pick up tourists from the train station or bus terminal in Pekalongan. Additionally, for true adventurers, there are camping facilities complete with tents and other equipment, allowing tourists to enjoy a night under the stars in the middle of the forest.

The live-in and eco-edu tour program in Tlogopakis, supported by Relung Indonesia, is not just an ordinary nature tour. It is an educational journey that teaches the importance of preserving forests and the environment while providing an unforgettable experience of witnessing the harmonious and dynamic relationship between humans and nature.


Eka B. Panuntun

“Sustainable tourism is not just about leaving with a beaming smile, but also leaving the environment sustainable.”

-Eka B. Panuntun

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Sustainable Community-Based Tourism
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