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Delving into the business of breeding singing birds

Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation

Relung Indonesia has been assisting field research on the breeding of singing birds, especially local species in Indonesia, from July 2023 to the present. This research highlights issues such as Regulations; Species Being Bred; Breeding Practices; Markets and Economics; Influence on Wild Populations; Animal Welfare Aspects; Conservation Approaches; and Community Roles.

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The breeding of singing birds in Indonesia plays a significant role in the local economy, encompassing various activities such as bird sales, breeding equipment, bird feed, vitamins, medications, and other items like bird tags.

Bird breeding businesses also have important social impacts, providing employment for many people directly and indirectly, including breeders, collectors, traders, caretakers, and other service providers. However, it is also important to note that uncontrolled local bird trading activities can threaten wild bird populations due to the rampant hunting for breeding stock, especially for certain species such as the Greater Green Leafbird, Prenjak, Spectacled Bulbul, Flycatchers, and Wren Babblers, among others.

Thus, a balanced approach is needed between economic, social, and environmental aspects in the management of breeding and trading in singing birds. Appropriate regulations, education, and empowerment of community groups involved in bird breeding are key to maintaining the sustainability of this business while striving to preserve the biodiversity of birds and the welfare of communities.

Through careful research on these aspects, a better understanding of the dynamics and challenges in the singing bird breeding industry in Indonesia can be gained, and potential solutions can be identified to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.


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“Birds are environmental indicators. If they’re in trouble, we know we’re going to have trouble soon.”

-Roger Tory Peterson

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Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation
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