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Addressing Livestock Waste Through Organic Fertilizer

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Have you ever imagined if around 5 tons of livestock waste are dumped into the river every day? That’s what happens in most highland areas in Indonesia that are not well educated. Seeing this phenomenon, Relung collaborates with the government of Yosorejo Village, Petungkriyono District, to invite the community to participate in addressing the livestock waste issue.

The Petungkriyono District is the upstream of the Sengkarang Watershed, and most of its water is still used for various purposes in the lower areas such as districts to the city of Pekalongan. Therefore, addressing the livestock waste issue is a priority for the people in this area.

Relung’s Program

One of the programs offered by the Relung Indonesia Foundation is mentoring in processing livestock waste into organic fertilizer. Through mentoring conducted by the Relung Indonesia Foundation, the people in Yosorejo Village have successfully turned livestock waste into a useful resource. This program provides an environmentally friendly and effective solution to the livestock waste problem while promoting the economic empowerment of the local community.

This program is carried out in Yosorejo Village, Petungkriyono District. Through lengthy discussions with the Village Government and Forest Farmer Groups, there are approximately 170 households who agreed to collect their livestock waste into the organic fertilizer production unit managed by the Yosorejo Village Community-Owned Enterprises (BUMDES), which will then be processed into production raw materials.

The process of converting livestock waste into organic fertilizer is done using a safe and effective method, capable of producing high-quality fertilizer that can be used as a sustainable and environmentally friendly natural resource.

Through mentoring in processing livestock waste into organic fertilizer, this program successfully addresses the issue of livestock waste that was previously dumped directly into the river, reducing water pollution and improving water quality around the village. The organic fertilizer produced from livestock waste is also more environmentally friendly and sustainable, as it does not use chemicals that can pollute water and soil. This will make the soil quality around the village more fertile, improve crop yields, and increase the income of the local community. This makes the program an effective and environmentally friendly solution to the livestock waste problem and creates a healthier environment for the community, with a positive impact on the local economy.

In the long run, this program can have a significant positive impact on water quality in the area and in the lower areas, as well as set an example for other areas to address similar issues. The use of environmentally friendly organic fertilizer can also help maintain environmental balance and reduce water and soil pollution caused by excessive use of chemical fertilizers.

Thus, this program can have a positive impact on the environment and the livelihoods of the community, and contribute to efforts to preserve a better environment for future generations. Additionally, this program can be applied in other areas to address livestock waste issues, providing even broader benefits for the Indonesian people.

If you are interested in supporting the mentoring program of the Resilience Environment Foundation in addressing environmental issues in the Petungkriyono District, you can contact us through our official website at Let’s together protect the environment and improve the quality of life for the people in Petungkriyono!


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