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Exploring the Life of Sembilang Hamlet: Understanding Potential and Challenges for a Sustainable Future

Basic service access and quality improvement for communities

Sembilang Hamlet is a concrete example of life in a forest village that offers valuable insights into the potential and challenges faced by communities in the interior of Indonesia. Located within the Sembilang National Park, Sembilang Hamlet illustrates how the abundance of natural resources, especially fish and shrimp, has driven the growth of fishing settlements since 1979. Initially just a fishing village, Sembilang Hamlet has now become a center of fishing activities in the area, attracting fishermen from various regions.

Covering an area of approximately 35 hectares, most settlements are located above the waters of the Sanjang and Sembilang river estuaries, providing a unique view of riverside life with their stilt houses. However, behind the beauty of nature and the potential of abundant natural resources, Sembilang Hamlet also faces several challenges that require serious attention.

One of the main challenges is access to clean water. Despite relying on rainwater as the main source, a shortage of fuel often hampers the operation of RO water treatment equipment, exacerbating the problem of the need for clean water. Additionally, the economic sustainability of fishermen is also threatened by a scarcity of fuel that hinders fishing activities.

Waste management is also a serious concern. Although waste burning is prohibited within the National Park, piles of trash are still a common sight in various corners of Sembilang Hamlet, attracting wild pigs searching for food in the vicinity. Furthermore, drug abuse, especially methamphetamine, is rampant among the community, threatening welfare and social stability.

However, amidst the challenges faced, Sembilang Hamlet also demonstrates potential for growth and positive change. With the right attention and support, the community here can overcome their challenges and harness the potential of abundant nature to create a better future.

As part of efforts to understand forest villages, we need to delve deeper into life in Sembilang Hamlet and similar communities. This will provide valuable insights into how to address environmental and social challenges, while harnessing the abundant natural potential to create resilient and sustainable communities.

Sembilang Hamlet is a real example of life in Indonesian forest villages, offering a captivating story of the balance between humans and nature. With a deep understanding of the potential and challenges faced, we can work together to create a better future for forest villages and future generations.


Meiardhy Mujianto

“When the environment changes, there must be corresponding changes in life.”


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Basic service access and quality improvement for communities
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