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Relung Indonesia: Supporting Environmental Preservation Through the Muli Ke Buah Ceremony of the Dayak Seberuang

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Relung Indonesia: Unveiling the Grandeur of the Muli Ke Buah Ceremony by the Dayak Seberuang Indigenous People of Kampung Ansok

The Dayak Seberuang Indigenous People of Kampung Ansok have once again conducted their sacred annual ceremony, Muli Ke Buah. This ceremony is aimed at escorting back the “fruit spirits” believed to have brought fruits during the harvest season. Every year, after the harvest season ends, the community gathers to perform this ritual as a form of gratitude and respect for nature.

This year’s Muli Ke Buah feels even more special as it coincides with the grand harvest of tengkawang fruit, which occurs once every five years. This grand harvest not only brings an abundance of tengkawang fruits, but also a plentiful rice yield in the fields. The combination of these bountiful harvests adds to the joy and deep meaning of the Muli Ke Buah ceremony.

One of the key elements of the Muli Ke Buah ceremony is “tepung,” a traditional snack made from rice flour and water. This “tepung” is shaped to resemble fruits, spices, other harvest products, as well as boats and paddles. These shapes symbolize the harvests that will be floated down the river as part of the ceremony. The creative use of “tepung” demonstrates the richness and significance of the Dayak Seberuang community’s culture in honoring nature and their traditions.

The Muli Ke Buah ceremony is not just an annual ritual, but also a celebration of the abundance and harmony between humans and nature. Through this ceremony, the Dayak Seberuang community reminds us all of the importance of maintaining the balance of nature and continuing to be thankful for the blessings provided by the earth.

Relung Indonesia supports the implementation of the Muli Ke Buah ceremony as part of their commitment to cultural and environmental preservation. With a vision to create a harmonious and dynamic relationship between humans and nature, Relung Indonesia collaborates with the Dayak Seberuang community to ensure this tradition remains sustainable and widely recognized.

This year’s Muli Ke Buah ceremony in Kampung Ansok teaches us to always be grateful for the harvest and the importance of preserving traditions. Through this ceremony, the Dayak Seberuang community reminds us of the cultural wealth that must be preserved and passed on to future generations. May this tradition continue to thrive and inspire us all in maintaining harmony with nature. Relung Indonesia is proud to be part of this effort and is committed to continuing to support the preservation of traditions and the environment.



“The indigenous community teaches us to live in harmony with nature and fellow humans. Let’s maintain harmony and peace together.”


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