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Relung Indonesia Attends DANA TERRA Program Closing Ceremony: Supporting the Welfare and Sustainable Economy of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Climate Movement,Integrated Agroforestry Initiatives

Relung Indonesia Attends the Closing Ceremony of the Fund Program for the Welfare and Sustainable Economy of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (DANA TERRA)

Jakarta, 28 June 2024 – An important event in supporting economic and environmental sustainability for indigenous peoples and local communities around Indonesia’s forest areas reached its peak today with the closing ceremony of the Fund for Prosperity and Sustainable Economy Program, better known as DANA TERRA. The event which took place at the Park Hyatt Jakarta was attended by various related parties, including government representatives, international institutions, intermediary institutions, academics, mass media, as well as program partners such as the Relung Indonesia Foundation.

The DANA TERRA program, which has been running for two years, aims to strengthen the empowerment of indigenous and local communities through a sustainable economic approach, while protecting and preserving forest areas and their ecosystems. Funding for this program amounted to 1.25 million USD, or the equivalent of 18 billion rupiah, coming from the Ford Foundation with the collaboration of the Environmental Fund Management Agency (BPDLH).

Background and Program Objectives

Indonesia, as an archipelagic country that is vulnerable to climate change, faces major challenges in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In order to respond to this challenge, the Indonesian government has developed a strategy to reduce GHG emissions through significant contributions from the energy and forestry sectors. The DANA TERRA program is one of the initiatives that aims to support these national targets, with a focus on protecting forests and ecosystems and empowering the economy of local communities.

Contribution of the Relung Indonesia Foundation

Relung Indonesia Foundation, as a partner in this program, has played a key role in supporting the implementation and success of the DANA TERRA Program.

Relung Indonesia Foundation, as a partner in this program, has played a key role in supporting the implementation and success of the TERRA FUND Program. The Agroforestry and Integrated Agriculture Development Program for Environmental Quality Improvement in the Upper Sengkarang Watershed, Central Java, was initiated in response to the increasing practice of intensive agriculture and deforestation in the Upper Sengkarang Watershed, in Petungkriyono Subdistrict, Pekalongan Regency, Central Java. Additionally, the environment in the upper watershed has also been contaminated by cattle waste that is disposed of into the river streams. This program develops agroforestry and integrated agriculture to address these environmental issues. It is expected that the development of agroforestry can improve land cover quality, and integrated agriculture can reduce river water pollution caused by cattle waste. This program collaborates with various parties at the grassroots level, particularly farmer groups and village-owned enterprises (BUMDes).

Activities conducted through this program include:

  1. Establishment of Agroforestry Seed Production Units
  2. Planting Land with Agroforestry Patterns
  3. Soil and Water Conservation Training
  4. Establishment of Superior Grass Seedling Nurseries
  5. Establishment of Organic Fertilizer Production Units
  6. Facilitation of Drafting Village Regulations on Agroforestry Development and Waste Management
  7. Development of SOPs and Work Plans for KTH and BUMDes Organizations
  8. Agroforestry-Based Entrepreneurship Training
  9. Creation of Campaign and Education Media on Watershed Conservation and Protection
  10. Development of Wanatani Cooperatives


From the implementation of this program, several outputs have been produced, including one seed production unit that has produced at least 60,000 coffee seedlings, agroforestry plants with a combination of coffee and avocado covering 60 hectares in 4 villages (15 ha/village), 4 active wanatani groups, 2 active BUMDes, and 1 active BUMDesMa, a network of young entrepreneurs, one cooperative legally registered at the sub-district level (comprising farmers from 4 villages), 4 village regulations on agroforestry, one draft village regulation on waste management, and several campaign media including leaflets and documentary films for further campaigning and education.

The achievements of this project are attributed to the cooperation, coordination, and support from various parties, such as government and community leaders at the village and sub-district levels, community health centers (PUSKESMAS), agricultural extension workers, village facilitators, relevant district and sub-district offices, youth communities, and nature lover communities. They have significantly contributed to the implementation of this program over approximately 1.5 years. The cooperation and support provided by these parties reflect that environmental and community welfare issues in the upper watershed are a shared responsibility that involves multiple sectors. The implementation of this program has enhanced the relationship and cooperation quality between the RELUNG Indonesia Foundation and the aforementioned parties, serving as our main asset to generate more significant impacts from the program’s implementation in the future.

Program Achievements and Results

During the two years of implementation, the DANA TERRA Program succeeded in achieving a number of significant achievements. More than 82 villages in 39 districts/cities and 15 provinces in Indonesia are actively involved in conservation practices, agroforestry and development of sustainable products such as coffee, sugar palm and honey. These products not only increase the income of local communities, but also contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of natural resources.

Closing Ceremony

Today’s closing event is not only a moment to appreciate the achievements and hard work of all parties involved, but also an opportunity to celebrate our shared commitment to maintaining ecosystem sustainability and improving the welfare of indigenous and local communities around Indonesia’s forest areas. Panel discussions, presentations of results, and lectures from various experts and stakeholders also inspired people to continue to innovate and collaborate in facing global environmental challenges.

The Future of Sustainability

Even though the implementation phase of the DANA TERRA Program has ended, collaboration between institutions and commitment to maintaining the sustainability of these activities will continue. Relung Indonesia Foundation together with other partners will continue to support efforts to preserve the environment and empower the economy of local communities, with the hope that the positive results of this program can become an example for similar initiatives in the future.

Presence of the Relung Indonesia

Relung Indonesia, represented by Raditya Windar Anggoro, S.Pt., was present at the closing ceremony of the DANA TERRA Program as a form of commitment to supporting economic and environmental sustainability in Indonesia through sustainable initiatives.

Thus, the closure of the DANA TERRA Program is not the end of a journey, but rather the beginning of a long-term commitment to protecting the ecosystem and improving the welfare of local communities around Indonesia’s forest areas.



“Every small step we take together will become a giant leap towards meaningful change.”


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Climate Movement,Integrated Agroforestry Initiatives
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