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Agroforestry Innovation in Utilizing Protected Forest Land

Integrated Agroforestry Initiatives

Agroforestry, the integration of agriculture with forest plants, presents a vital solution in managing forest land, as seen in Gunung Ungaran Protected Forest, part of the Kedu Utara Forest Management Unit. Through research identifying community practices, five types of combinations between Perhutani’s main crops and agricultural commodity plants have been revealed:

  1. Mixed Forest – Coffee: Demonstrates economic stability with proven multifunctional management.
  2. Dense Natural Forest – Coffee: Effective use of dense forest land for coffee cultivation, enhancing agroforestry adaptability.
  3. Sparse Natural Forest – Coffee: In lower density conditions, coffee remains a priority as an income source.
  4. Pine – Grass: An alternative in areas dominated by pine forest cover, showing a diversified planting pattern.
  5. Pine – Coffee: A balanced combination of forest and commodity plants, emphasizing the diversity of agroforestry practices.

While the patterns found are relatively simple, they align with the limited forest land conditions, especially in protected forest areas. The success of agroforestry systems depends on the selection of suitable types and combinations, tailored to soil conditions and the economic needs of the local community. Challenges remain, particularly in increasing productivity and sustainability of planting patterns. However, collaboration among stakeholders will help optimize the sustainable use of forest land.


Meiardhy Mujianto

“Love nature means saving future generations.”


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Integrated Agroforestry Initiatives
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