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Planting Hope: The Movement to Plant 5,000 Trees for Petungkriyono

Integrated Agroforestry Initiatives

The Sitipis Hamlet in Kayupuring Village, with its picturesque highlands, bears witness to the commitment of various parties to preserve nature and create ecosystem sustainability. The PENAT (Pendaki Nafas Tua) Pekalongan Raya community, together with CDK IV Central Java Province and the Relung Indonesia Foundation, initiated an environmental conservation activity through the Movement to Plant 5,000 Trees for Petungkriyono. This initiative to plant 5,000 trees consisting of Arabica coffee and sugar palm involves participants from various environmentally conscious parties willing to contribute positively to the environment.

One of the volunteers posing before planting seedlings.

Sitipis Hamlet was chosen as the planting location due to its highland location and abundant natural potential. However, behind all this beauty lies challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation, which have been a major concern for local stakeholders. Hence, the idea of mass planting emerged to strengthen the ecosystem and provide economic benefits to the community. This planting activity aligns with the project being conducted by the Relung Indonesia Foundation, which is the development of agroforestry and integrated farming in the Sengkarang Watershed, Central Java. Therefore, the Relung Indonesia Foundation supported the need for Arabica coffee seedlings and the location for planting 5,000 trees in Sitipis Hamlet.

Volunteers heading to the planting location in Sitipis Hamlet.

The Movement to Plant 5,000 Trees for Petungkriyono took place on Sunday, January 21, 2024, with participants from various groups including nature lovers, students from local schools, students from nearby universities, community members, and the village government. Through close collaboration among these parties, practical education on the importance of environmental conservation and how it can be done together is expected to be provided.

Economically, the selection of Arabica coffee and sugar palm as suitable plants for highland areas will provide new economic opportunities for the local community. After several years, the harvest will yield sellable products, thereby increasing income and prosperity. By planting crops that suit the local climate, it is hoped that this will help reduce the impact of climate change and provide ecosystem stability.

The planting of 5,000 Arabica coffee and sugar palm seedlings in Sitipis Hamlet, Kayupuring Village, is a tangible step in responding to the challenges of climate change and strengthening environmental sustainability. The unity of these parties serves as an inspirational example of how the local community can unite to create positive change.


Fadhli Addifa Firdaus

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

-Chinese proverb

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Integrated Agroforestry Initiatives
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