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Resilience: Our Amazing Earth

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Have we ever thought deeply, or at least imagined, about the earth beneath our feet, which always provides life freely, abundantly, and without ceasing? Earth has everything: raw materials, production systems, ready-to-consume products for living beings, recycling mechanisms, and self-recovery from damage. Soil, water, air, sunlight, and organic matter are raw materials; metabolism in living organisms (animals, plants, and microorganisms) and ecosystem dynamics are a series of production processes that never stop producing energy sources and processing waste.

The sun never rests, water keeps circulating following the rain cycle, forests bring millions of plant species to life, grasslands and savannas provide food for various mammal species. The sea, rivers, and lakes become comfortable homes for thousands of fish species. Earth also presents energy sources for us: natural gas, coal, oil, etc., as well as various metal elements to support life. We can choose beautiful scenery: beaches, stretches of valleys, caves, mountain peaks, coral reefs, mangroves, savanna fields, not to mention the millions of beauties and uniqueness of various animal and plant species on land and in water. Earth truly lives and provides everything for human life.

However, in the name of fulfilling needs, humans seem to lose awareness that the earth has been working for them. Humans continue to deplete the earth, damaging it, and even some of its components have been lost, extinct. Yet, the earth continues to endure, trying to survive, to evolve again, to repair itself again with all the resilience it has. Damaged forests try to grow again, polluted pond remnants try to rebuild their fertility, arid lands from former mines try to grow grass and moss to start their lives again, billions of microorganisms work day and night to process thousands of tons of waste we produce every day. However, the resilience of the earth will never mean anything if we continue to hurt and pollute the earth every day.

“When we respect the earth, we respect ourselves.”

-LM Wilde

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